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Author Topic: Stargate Sound Effects  (Read 3074 times)


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Stargate Sound Effects
« on: January 29, 2011, 07:24:46 PM »

I figured that you guys might want a few of the stargate sound effects so here they are!  I'm just here to give you devs a break from searching google to find sound effects from the show so that you may add them to some of your future projects for the ArmA2 stargate mod.
I uploaded this so here is the download link:
Also, I assume you guys already have the latest P90 addon with the new sound effect for it, but I have also provided the sound effect for the M9 Berreta pistol, MP5, G36K, SPAS12 and M249 that sound almost exact from the show. (note: the M9 pistol sound effect is directly ripped from a stargate universe episode) and of course all credit goes to mgm and the sound designer/creator of the stargate sound effects.
If any of you have questions about how to install any of the "Earth Weapons" into a wss format inside a pbo file so that they may work on your ArmA2 game let me know and I will help out.

UPDATE: Added a few new sounds to the pack along with organizing the the sounds inside the folder.  Also I forgot to mention but the P90 sound effect they use on the show is very hard to replicate so the one it comes with in this pack is the best I have so far but I do have another that is almost close and I am trying to replicate it as best as I can.
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